ETHNI-CITY is a project series that aims to celebrate the meeting of diverse cultures. While Singapore's diverse setting has given its people a basic understanding and tolerance for other races, our belief is that all our cultures can attain to an even greater state of congruence. By using the universal language of music, ETHNI-CITY is at once both a reflection of the current state of Singapore society, as well as a hopeful depiction of a brighter future.

ETHNI-CITY is a collaborative project between artists from different ethnic backgrounds. The project welcomes all art practitioners - from musicians to dancers, calligraphers, and more. Each show is unique as we constantly innovate new ways to assimilate one another's arts and cultures. In the processes of preparing for and executing the show, SA and our collaborators hope to be able to investigate and steer Singapore's cultural identity in the direction of transculturalism. ETHNI-CITY is intended for restaging both locally and internationally.

Even in a multiracial country like Singapore, the ethnic arts is often misunderstood as a form of tradition. Our project aims to broaden the definition of the ethnic arts such that they may be contemporary, without fear of any sort of restraint. After all, as society progresses, so should our arts. ETHNI-CITY is a platform for artists of different backgrounds to share knowledge of their roots, technique, technology, aesthetic, and ideas. We believe that by dedicating a space to positive collaboration, the distance between our different ethnic groups may be bridged, and stronger ties may form between us, human to human.

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