Andy Chia
Founder/Artistic Director

Andy Chia is a ​Singapore National Arts Council scholar, who was trained classically in Chinese Flute performance in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He was also the first foreigner to receive a Masters of Arts in Dizi performance from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Andy seeks constant experimentation to explore the boundaries of the aesthetic and spiritual experience. His performance techniques includes the use of electronic effects and extended techniques such as flute boxing on the flute, throat singing, as well as hand crafting his own instruments. Andy has gained a myriad of experiences performing and creating works internationally in Asia, Europe, and North America.

As the Artistic Director and resident artist of SAtheCollective Ltd (a seed grant recipient of FY16-18 and major company grant of FY19-22), Andy has been drawn to shamanic and ritualistic approaches to explore the relationship between Humans, Nature, and Technology through multidisciplinary and multicultural manners. His recent works include: ETHNI-CITY III - Kali Yuga, that explored the relationship between destruction and rebirth through digital arts, music and dance; and Voices of Time, a sound installation that explored the passage of time through agrarian, natural soundscapes to the current technological age, commissioned by the National Gallery Singapore.

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